Friday, 22 September 2017

Lessons in leaving the bed.

At present I am unemployed. I have a few private students, which keep Three Paw in the two legs she has become accustomed to, but that is about it. I feel no sorrow, however, about not returning to my old school even if things are very stressful and uncertain for me now. Sometimes you have to jump to save yourself in this life.

It is hard being unemployed though. Not just financially but emotionally as well. At first, I was up at 8.30 every morning with a huge list of tasks to do, emails to send etc. But as the days turn to weeks, I find myself struggling to punctuate my days with meaning.  It is difficult not to let the anxiety take over my life.  And today when I woke up I just didn't want to get up.

This made me feel even worse.

Finally, at midday, I told myself to go for a walk. See the sky and a different view. So I decided to walk to Cigoli. I hadn't done this walk since Three Paw's diagnosis but as I started to stride out I felt better and better. Ideas began flowing and the September sun on my bones felt like just the right tonic.

Walking is free too - so no guilt about spending.

Of course, I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up walking a far greater distance than I had planned. My poor little thighs were beginning to worry about how they would get home when suddenly this-out-of-service bus came hurtling past. It halted further up the road and pulled up on the footpath. I then saw a man approaching me from the bus. It was Gino,  the bus of my favourites. He had just finished his shift and was on an hour break. He wondered what I was doing so far from home. I told him 'ho fatto un giro' ( I had gone on a little ramble) but now I was spent. He drove me back to the valley centre and told me if I waited an hour he could take me up to San Miniato for no ticket, of course. It was perfect because I wanted to do some grocery shopping anyway.

And even better he told me he was glad he had seen me because he wanted to call me about arranging lessons for his son.

Suddenly I felt so glad I had got out of bed.

And if that was not enough of a reward I also stopped in a bar to use their toilet and discovered (a) their bathroom smelt like a holiday and (b) when the door closed it groaned like chewabacca.
joy, joy, joy.

Happy to be up


Anonymous said...

Oh J i am so sorry for how you felt this morning but your comment about the bathroom was genius! Looking forward to seeing you very soon and striding out together or being like Gino and giving all our thighs a break and pootling around on an adventure somewhere. Much love xxxx

Jane said...

Jo, you always make me happy. It's as if you're talking to me when I read your writing. I am glad you got into the loo, Chewbacca and all, because I can tell you that the key to the one in the cafe at San Casciano doesn't work and you have to wait till Poggibonsi! Much love from me, too. xxoo

Joanne said...

This epitomizes why I love you so much. However bad things get, you always find the small joys in life. Your joy in life spreads to all.of us and helps us appreciate what we have and love you all the more. Thank you for sharing and being part of our lives. Love you. X