Sunday, 7 May 2017

Spring walk

on the path
Right now I have an infestation on my nose of charming proportions. I took it out for a stroll around town and I am waiting for the village mayor to knock on my door and banish me to some sort of leper turret. It is stress-related I am sure so there is nothing I can really do but ride it out.  
Fortunately I didn't really see that many people because I took the old coal walk which runs along the spine of the town and below my back garden. 
I went there around Christmas time when they had all the nativity scenes up. Some of them are still there as are the toy animals in the makeshift stable. Mary, Joseph and Jesus have gone though, probably back to the Middle East for some sun. 
It is a beautiful walk with a little place along the way where you can have a barbecue or  picnic on some dilapidated, wooden tables. I try to walk along here as often as I remember too.

I went a while back with a friend and had this picture taken. it is about the only one of me I have seen of late where I don't look utterly spent.

Ooh apart from this one with my lady,

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