Friday, 19 May 2017

Palladia Days

On Monday it was my birthday and I spent it with Three Paw in Florence.  It was a difficult appointment. Alberto told me he didn't think the chemotherapy was working on her leg tumor. It appears to be doing a good job on her metastasis because this hasn't grown at all but the one on her leg seems unstoppable.  I started crying and Alberto looked at me and said that this was not a cat on her last day yet. He said she was actually no different to the cat he had met almost three months ago. That she was still a happy, comfortable and healthy cat ( cancer aside.) I was grateful to him for saying this. It is hard for me sometimes to be objective about how she is. The tumor is just so ugly so when I see it, the sight consumes me.

We are trying  a new drug Palladia. I have to give it to her every second day. She is also taking a different herbal medication for any pain which she might be feeling.

I have to say since she started her new regime the edema on her paw has gone down and she seems much more comfortable. The tumor smells a bit because there is some necrosis but in general I would say the rest of the week has been quite restful and happy.

For her anyway, I am a constant wreck.
And another year older!

Birthday shot!
In between the tears :-)

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