Monday, 22 May 2017

1000 Miglia

 On Saturday the 1000 Miglia ( a vintage and classic car race )came to San Miniato. Well, it passed through it to be exact. The race actually starts and ends in Brescia ( up north) and does a loop through Rome which my dad would be highly approving of because he does appreciate a loop. (Nothing disappoints my dad more than having to backtrack in a car or even when out strolling.)

Anyway this year the route came through San Miniato on its was back up from Rome.

I didn't even  know about the event until Saturday morning when I went out to buy pickled onions - my favorite Italian treat. No onions were to be found but there were plenty of Italian flags waving from people's houses and  an awful lot of men rubbing their hands with delight.

In the afternoon I did what all good Italian folk do and stood roadside, licking a gelato, while all manner of eccentrics vroomed past in their cars.

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