Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Girl

My Three-Paw is in hospital and I am not with her. Anyone reading this blog and who thinks -'she's only a cat' can stop reading now and never come back. She is my girl. She is my family. And nothing feels more terrible than being in another country, unable to comfort her or really see what is going on.
I feel as if everything about this move I have made has been ill-fated. From losing 1300 euro in a rental scam to feeling such intense loneliness ever since arriving and for not having my girls with me because the stupid place I am staying won't let me. Every day I go out trying to find a home to bring my girls to and what if it all ends up too late for Three Paw. The last time I saw her she sat next to me purring and rested her paw on my thigh just as she did all those times back on the streets. Before she moved in. Before we were bonded. But I think perhaps we have always been bonded. I hope tonight she can sense our bond and know that there is nothing I want more than to bring her home to me...and see her ..and listen to her...and be loved the way she loves me...and I her.

Be strong my beautiful girl... I am finding you a home with a garden...come and see it won't you. Come and lay in the sun with me again.

One thing I do know is that she has a whole team of peeps behind her, championing her all the way. That's the kind of girl she is.

Thanks be to Kerim ( her daddy), Ozge, Fatih, Ezgi  (her team of vets) and above all Nathalie ( her mama on the ground) for every breath they take or have taken to love and help her.

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