Friday, 16 October 2015

Breakfast in the Tash

This morning I woke before the sun and the sky outside was a milky velvet  hue. I only ever wake before the sun when my heart is unsettled and so I was soothed to hear the morning call-to-prayer. He even sang one of my favorite ditties, the one with a mournful yet tuneful tone. Pirate came up to my ear and rested her head under my chin and purred her way through her full repertoire as well.
How blessed am I!

Later I had breakfast in Besiktas with my friend, Didem. Actually I also had coffee with another friend, Dina, as well so obviously I was a socially-exhausted beast by the time I got home. Both women are wonderful Istanbullis. I envy them, in a way, to be wedded to this city by their birth.

I will miss Turkish breakfasts. They are the best in the world. And where I am going sadly does not honor breakfast with the same gusto. They are good about lunch and dinner though.

But I think the Turks are right. You should have the breakfast of a King (or Queen.) I look forward to many more in my life. And many more here in my beautiful city by my glorious lady Boss.

Obviously the only thing to do after breakfast is more coffee at my beloved coffee shop - La Chat Noir.  I met a little kitten there who climbed into my scarf and cried. 

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