Friday, 30 October 2015

Election Day looming

It probably sounds kind of sad but I don't have any energy to write about where I am right now. I feel like my head and my heart and, hell, even one of my feet is still in Istanbul. Perhaps if I could only click my heels together I could fly back home. My friend (aka - nice skirt lady) sent me a collage of a trip we took to the Princes' Island earlier this year so I am adding it here for a bit of colour.

 I love the ghost of pirate through the curtains.

I miss my laydees like mad right now. This morning when I skyped Three Paw  she turned her back and faced the window -  so the missing is not mutual.

Election Day is looming in Turkey. I think about it constantly. In a sense the way seems very clear. There are two paths to choose. Anything in the middle would surely lead to Election Day # 3. Who knows what will happen - I hope for the best but I fear the worst.

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