Friday, 9 August 2013

Second Port: Skyros

I feel much better now I am in Skyros. I wasn't sure if I would but the minute I stepped into Ferogia Cafe and got beautiful heartfelt monster hugs from Vikki, Dimitri and Alecko I felt infinitely more alive. And this year I got a rather nice room with a little balcony gazing out to the sea. 
Now, it seems, I am gazing towards Turkey instead of from!
Of course the first thing I did was have a banana smoothie. Then, with a happy belly,  I waded into the crystal still waters and did my best to avoid collecting too many stones. This year I am NOT stone painting. To be honest I am only on the island for a couple of days so I doubt the paint would even dry but I also wanted to spend my days just gazing at the olive green, white and blue which make up this gentle island.

I spent my first night having Skyrian cheese and salad at Theo's restaurant just down from Ferogia. Not a bad view to do a bit of a digesting and vino degustation. Theo says the past year has been even harder than the years before. I believe him too. Athens, in particular, seemed very depressed and though the Greeks on the island still smile and laugh their faces seem a little pinched as well.

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