Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the one-eyed cat

is by his seat. Repeat: the one eyed-cat is by his seat. And the black poodle is at his post. Repeat: the black poodle is at his post. This won't mean much to you I suppose unless you were on Skyros last year but if you connect the dots I guess you will be able to work out that yes I am indeed on Skyros once again. (No sign of Tutu the dog as yet and I have been warned that some dogs met a grisly end over the past twelve months but I'm holding out for  miracle.) Unfortunately I have been unable to capture any photographic evidence of either the one-eyed cat or the black poodle as they are notoriously shy signposts so you will have to make do with a couple of random shots to confirm my arrival.
View from Skyros Centre - I'm not actually doing a course here this year but I did enjoy a rarver tasty lunch.    

Friend of the one-eyed cat - hereon to be  referred to as conjunctivitis cat - junky for short.

I am actually staying down at Ferogia where I stayed last year. Everybody here has been very kind and welcoming to me  but I have to say I don't really feel settled at this time. A bit melancholy and aware of my current jobless state.
 It's early days though and I hope to find my groove some time soon.

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