Wednesday, 4 July 2012

C permit baby

Guess what ...I now have a C permit. It came in the post last week. This means I  am now permitted to use the letter "c" freely in conversation without paying commission to the c-police. ( See I can even use words like 'commission' now.)
OK... I confess ...there's no such thing as the c-police even in Switzerland.
It actually means that I have a permit to live and work freely anywhere in Switzerland, I can even buy property with my 50 franc savings.
I have realised I am fast becoming quite the passport/permit hoarder since I already have Australia and the EU under my belt.....I just need to bag that elusive American one and I am well on my way to somewhere.  Not sure where though.
A Swiss friend of mine on hearing the news said I should be sure to put in a police complaint about a noisy neighbor soon to cement my C-permit status. (I can repeat this because a Swiss person  said it.) Not sure if I am ready for such a bold move right now but I did suggest to a boy last week that he give up his seat to an old, old, old man with a walking cane on the tram. Obviously I said it very nicely and in fluent German as now I have a C permit my German is miraculously perfect.

regard the C permit holder
Ironic I just quit my job really.

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