Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic search

So I spent last night trying to find a screening of the London Olympics opening ceremony. You would have thought  - being the Olympic  birthplace and all -  I would have been spoilt for choice on a Greek island. No such luck.  I had to make do with a sidewards glance through the window of a local house where a family was watching the show on a TV the size of toaster. It may have even been the only TV on the island. Thwarted, I ended up eating at a restaurant near the plateia (central square) where I quickly became friend, plate-taster and raki-skuller with the family that ran the restaurant.

 But Regarde!!
The One-Eyed cat. Looking content and shiny and not opposed to being photographed. I know the missing eye is sad but in general he seems a very contented cat these days and his coat is very glossy.

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