Monday, 2 April 2012

Good vs Evil

Today I am angry. I don't get angry very often. I can be testy and short-tempered sometimes ( sorry to D who has probably borne the brunt of that over the years) but angry! Really angry. Rarely. OK maybe the time a Syrian man told me 'women are like meat at a feast and it is our prerogative to try as many different sorts as possible.' Actually I don't think I was even angry then. A little creeped out and less reluctant to try on the belly-dancing dress he had thoughtfully selected for me to try on in his shop ( ah the joys of solo-woman travelling in the Middle East.) But today I am angry. And disappointed. I am done with male students (a very very very small minority) who try to take advantage of my instinctively helpful nature. I am done.
On the flip side I have discovered a sweet shop in Basel that sells Cadbury Creme eggs. Woo hoo such a ray of light in an otherwise dark day. Enough to make me cry tears of joy!!!

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