Monday, 30 January 2012

Pool Wars

So today the Apprentice-became-the-Mistress (or if StarWars speak helps:  the Padawan-Learnerbecame-the-Jedi) when I stared down a fellow swimmer in the pool. Cue heavy breathing !!

You see at the pool there is a very clear etiquette for swimming laps (stay right!!!) and this rogue swimmer kept on using the lane as if it had been personally designed just for them. Eventually I became tired of being slapped in the face and so as they came pounding down the lane I decided to stand my ground ( OK I dog-paddled my ground) and as they rose their head and looked at me as if to say " move it" I  ever so sweetly nodded my head to the left and directed them to their side of the lane. Of course I felt ugly, horrible and dirty afterwards for having been so assertive and I had to lather myself up with extra soap just to wash away the guilt but really I am so tired of people in the pool (actually people on the street, people everywhere) taking advantage of other people's good nature. I am tired of being trodden on, elbowed, shouldered, treated as somehow less deserving of my piece of the sidewalk, space, air, love - whatever!

Actually I was quite  terrified my confrontee would be waiting to lynch me in the change room with a wet whipping towel but the only thing I encountered was a lot of  other fellow swimmers who clearly do not visit the same Brazilian hairdresser as I !!!

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