Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rule of Repulsion

On Saturday I noticed a book called Maths Magic for sale. I have decided that some words should never be allowed to go together. It should be a rule of English grammar along with i before e except after c. I would call it the Rule of English Repulsion. Under this rule I would obviously include maths magic, delicious marzipan, pistachio ice-cream, grill party and fun run. Conversely I think there should also be an English Rule of Attraction - certain words that should always go together and in fact should be uttered daily. Like Joanna's cat, Joanna's dog, Joanna's turtle, ciao süße ( although neither of these words is actually English) and the triple word treat of Joanna's Braccialini handbag. One day I hope to own the Ark handbag (see above) - preferably before I am so old that my wrists snap under the weight of carrying it. Admittedly it costs much more than I would normally ever pay for a handbag but it's not really a handbag - it's a house.. and a boat! At least then when I cry I could hop in my bag and sail home instead.

I am still waiting for Hafiz.

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