Friday, 14 January 2011

Sink me up

So right now I feel a bit like a rat that deserted the sinking ship. I left Brisbane late Sunday night only to discover on my arrival in Switzerland that my home town was flooding much like it had back in 1974. I got straight on the internet to see what was happening and was shocked to see pictures of the streets I had walked along just days before now turning into rivers. On a personal level my parents have been fortunate. Despite living in an area that had to be evacuated and in which many people's homes have been ruined, somehow their house has managed to survive. I have no memory of the 1974 flood but apparently I spent much of it staring at the rising flood waters while shouting 'Sink me up!Sink me up!' I don't doubt that there must be numerous Brisbane 2-year-olds echoing similar sentiments at this time.

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