Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Last night while I was sleeping I became aware of a quiet plop plop on the carpet beside my bed. It was barely audible (a bit like a faerie stomping about after rarver too much morning dew) and being the bush savvy gal I am I instantly thought (after the stomping faerie) that it must be a frog. So I switched on the light and sure enough there was a tiny brown and green striped frog legging it across the carpet to the screen door. After a little coaxing my froggy friend was able to find the way out and I was able to find my bed. Then when I woke up this morning I heard another plop from out of my bed sheets! Eeek frog in the bed, frog in the bed...but no. It was actually a hairy brown spider the size of a three year old's hand. I suspect the work of the hairy goblin!
Anyway, after declaring my bedroom a satellite enclosure of Australia Zoo I decided to visit the real thing instead.
It was actually a very joyous experience and I even found myself getting a little misty-eyed when Bindi the jungle girl came out to sing her conservation animal songs. Not sure why - don't know whether it was the poignant absence of her father when the whole Irwin clan came out, the fact that I was experiencing a rare burst of national pride in Australian wildlife or the fact that I have been spending time with my friend, J, wise woman/water beast who can cry at the sight of a torn tissue . It might even have been the fact that I saw John Travolta there and my secret dream of realising a re-hash of the Pulp Fiction dance was fleetingly within grasp. Whatever the reason tis not important. What is important is that I had a lovely day with my parents which will easily replace the memory of watching my dad pour half a tub of salt on the lemon risotto I made him last night ( before he had even tasted it!)

So enjoy the pics oh and happy new year and all!!

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