Thursday, 6 January 2011

i can jump puddles

As you may (or may not) know I am currently holidaying in Queensland (the sunshine state) where large proportions of the State are currently under water. It really is a natural disaster as there is very little which can be done about it until the water recedes. I cannot imagine what it must be like to see your house slowly submerge beneath the water - it really is a reminder once again of how harsh and unforgiving the Australian continent really is. Floods, drought, bush fires, cyclones, locust plagues, deadly snakes, hungry crocodiles, hairy bed-sharing spiders, Tony Abbott, the very existence of AFL etc. I could keep on listing but instead I shall turn my thoughts to good and make a list of some of the positives: pavlova ( yes I know the Kiwis are trying to 'claim' that), kangaroos, koalas, platypus, Anthony from the Wiggles, violet crumble...

One thing I will miss about Australia when I leave is the random every day encounters with fellow Australians. Take yesterday for example. I had to go to the chemist for a recurring, somewhat unpleasant problem which I shall not name ( in the manner of Voldemort) in case I jinx myself again.

Hi, I need some cream for an X problem.
Is it for you?
Are you sure it is X?
Yes I think I know my body well enough.
Ok well then have you thought about why this may have happened?
Um not right now. I'd just really like the cream.
Uh huh but it's good to think about why.
Look I just know it happens when I travel and I don't eat properly.
Where have you travelled from?
Switzerland. I live there right now. I'm just visiting home for Christmas.
Isn't Roger Federer from Switzerland? He is like the most sexy guy in the world. I love him.
Actually I come from his home town Basel.
No way. Do you like see him everywhere. I bet his kids are cute.
I don't think he lives there anymore.
Sad face.
But I do know someone who played tennis with him when he was younger.
Happy face.
Really that's like so way cool. Do they think he's hot?
The person was a man and I believe he likes women.
Hmm fair enough. Well if he ever does visit home tell him I love him.
Yeah tell him Katie loves him, ok? I mean he won't know who I am but make sure you tell him anyway.
Will do.
Um could I get that cream now.
Yeah sure. What was the problem again? Man I love Roger Federer.

I would never have a conversation like that in my the apotheke in Basel - even if my Swiss German was remotely good enough.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be going to the sea with my sister as I promised Vi I would wear red knickers and jump over seven waves at the beginning of the new year. Given the current weather I think I'll just have to make do with jumping over seven puddles in my galoshes instead.

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