Saturday, 8 January 2011

chocolate bears

Well, no wave-jumping-red-knicker-action yesterday as predicted. Instead a day trip to Chermside shopping centre ( which isn't quite as gun-bling as the ABC mall in Beirut) but still offers a vast choice of shops selling Caramello Koala Bears . I know I live in Switzerland but I much prefer Australian cadbury chocolate especially the above-mentioned koalas, freddo frogs, furry friends etc. and I feel I must stock up for the coming bitter months in Basel.

This morning my sister took me to Hedron Brook with the promise of a turtle feeding frenzy. Sadly not a single turtle was in sight (nor was the usual bike path or footbridge) thanks to the incessant, unceasing sky tears which are falling constantly from the clouds.

Below I have attached a picture of the Jean Galbraith rose currently blooming on my sister's deck. This rarver pretty flower is named after my great Aunt, who was a botanist and writer, and from whom I get my middle name.

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