Thursday, 8 January 2009

And so it begins

New day. New blog.

I can't think of anything remotely profound to say to start my blog so I shall start with a weather report because we English speakers do so like our weather.
The weather in Basel today is bitter cold. The weatherperson has promised heavy snow and the sky looks very much like it is going to oblige. I hope so - I was born in Australia so I still squeal with delight when it falls (much to the displeasure of my scowling fellow townsfolk. ) As I type I am still wearing my pajamas which are toasty warm and I have a feeling that when I do eventually go to work today ( I teach english at a school) I shall be wearing my pajamas under additional layers of clothes - I can blame the excess bulk on all the chocolate I ate over Christmas.

As I always used to say to my good friend -the clover

Have a day.


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