Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 : Happy New year, Mutlu Yillar, Buon Anno, Guten Rutsch

This morning I got up and decided I wanted to have Turkish Kahvalti to see the new year in. No one does breakfast like the Turks and after my poor effort this morning I realised I am far from making the perfect replica.  No stringy white cheese, no kaymak ( clotted cream), no pulbiber ( chilli pepper) and my menemen looked more like scrambled eggs.

Then I opened my newspaper and read about the ghastly attack in Istanbul, In Ortakoy no less - beautiful, wonderful Ortakoy. Whenever I visit there I always feel my heart fill up. 

I used to teach a student in a high rise overlooking this area and we used to marvel at the view, and the bridge and the Bos.  I cannot bear to think of the carnage there today.  A lot of the young Turks  never seemed to grasp the difference between Christmas and New year. I can just imagine them bopping along, shouting Merry Christmas to each other, when this tragedy occurred. 

I have started the year with hope in my heart but also great sorrow. 

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