Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Outposts of Beyond

Back at the Tavern trying to sort out my life. It's hard to search new job/ new home/ how to move pets/ how to save yourself from (further) inevitable financial ruin at the local pub but the internet at home just does not seem to want to work with my new computer. I suspect it is something to do with the way I have set up my machine  but until I understand what all those cloudy shapes are at the bottom of my screen, I can see no other solution.

Some good news, I guess. My story 'The Weaverman of Askhan Bazaar' has finally made it to print.  A nice, glossy mag that I can touch. It even garnered a nice blogger review which I found especially touching. When strangers go out of their way not only to read your work but make an effort to comment, I feel such gratitude for their enthusiasm and time.

Here is the review.

The Weaverman of Askhan Bazaar,” by Joanna Galbraith, is a beautiful tale, written in a flowing, lyrical style, all wrapped around an intriguing premise involving words, the colored threads they leave behind, and the lost art of weaving them together. Galbraith also adds a dash of humor to this story of an old man and a young girl learning their true worth from each other, and she merges all of these elements into an exceptionally pleasing read. This is a good one for those who like to ease into the heart of a story, learning a little more about the people and places involved before being immersed in their conflicts. It also delivers on the magazine’s promise of interesting settings. It’s easily my favorite of the issue, and well worth reading — and then reading again.

And you can read it in full here.

But you know what and this is the hard bit. I wrote this story back in Switzerland. Sure it had some heavy editing while I have been in Turkey but I can't really say it represents a breakthrough.

I feel strangely deflated.

But I suspect that is due to much more than this.

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