Saturday, 22 August 2015


So since arriving back home for my yearly parental pilgrimage I have been hit by the flu-bat followed by the world's most archaic internet link. Finally I am able to walk to the end of the road without wheezing so I have taken refuge in the local tavern in search of internet and good wine. Success on both counts with the most cheerful bunch of locals thrown in for good measure.
Pa and me
I really have not done that much since my return but I did go to The Exhibition (known locally as The EKKA) the other day. As a child this was one of the highlights of my year: fairy floss, dagwood dogs, strawberry sundaes, donuts, cupee dolls, showbags, sideshow alley, the biggest pumpkin, best-in-show dog, cattle, horses, petting zoo, manure underfoot, fireworks, gruesome police exhibits.) I actually hadn't been for over twenty years so it was a bit exciting to return with my dad and sister.


I particularly enjoyed this photographic effort by my dad - just in case you couldn't work out where we were!
I have to say that twenty years on it seems cleaner than I remember but all the staples were still there plus my new found appreciation of the Cattleman's Bar. The fruit and vegetable display was a bit lacking though  I have to confess. A lot of Anzac themed entrants using the brown of onions and potatoes to capture war uniforms. Very apt but  rather drab. The best was probably the Girl Guide's entry which had an explosion of colourful fruit among trenches and a red baron circling overhead with a swastika affixed to it.

Best bit of show though . Racing pigs obviously.

And diving pigs, of course.

And the littlest piggy went WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Truly, I have to believe that the piggy enjoyed it. I am sure they were smiling and oinking as well.

Afterwards we visited the  animal petting zoo and I have to tell you the little pigs really did smell of bacon which is why I can never ever eat them.

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