Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bir az Turk

Today there is a derby between Beşıktaş  and Fenerbahce. The hardcore supporters of Beşıktaş are known as Çarşı. Kind of like hairy bikers with big hearts... except if you diss their team.  I am not afraid though because thanks to Slaven Bey, I too am a Beşıktaş fan.

Perhaps I am turning a little Turk after all. 

For instance, I now believe the simit to be the best round-shaped invention since the wheel...
although I probably would not mention this around a doughnut.

I also believe in the importance of of bal kaymak as essential breakfast fodder.

Recently I beat a local Emlak ( real estate agent) guy at Tavla (backgammon) too. Now they invite me for tea to have another game. I can see the fear in their eyes though. Beware the Yabunçi laydee - she be the beast of the board!!

And of course most chosen of chosenest tipple.

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johnj said...

You are an advertisement for Yeni Raki!!! I too think the simit holds untold secrets... Up the Carsi!