Tuesday, 17 December 2013


 Last week we had quite a bit of snow in Istanbul. Obviously it caused major traffic problem and heaps of class cancellations which, in turn, lead to a rather heavy Raki night, the consequences of which were felt well into the next day.
I like the snow though. Big slushy piles all over Taksim Square, so much nicer than concrete. My little physically-challenged feline friends have been very  quick to adapt to total indoor living to the extent that I think Three-Paw may have lost her outdoor house to a large menacing white cat.

 Luckily one half of the Canadian sandwich decided to help me with the cat winter housing problem by building a kedi evi (cat home) out of a cardboard box, a plastic umbrella and a couple of discarded jumpers. As an ex street punk he has great survival skills and could probably macgyver a space ship out of  three pipe cleaners, a couple of ring pulls and a sheet of bubble wrap. Lucky Kedis.

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