Friday, 17 January 2014

Escape from Istanbul: part one

It has been soooo long since I wrote an entry that a whole new year has begun. Oh the shame! Still it is not as if nothing happened over these past weeks.

The Canadian sandwich (plus one very peculiar American lass who came for half the quiz and then wondered whether she could get her charity donation back since she had to leave early) won the quiz night again.
Here is a picture of the sandwich in action!

Time was also passed in the lovely Alsace 

with the lovely wise woman...

who very wisely concurred after inspecting the town 
and all its polar bear themed decorations

that it really made sense to sample as much Alsatian wine and cremant as possible.


We also took time to appreciate Maurice the world's biggest cat at the gorgeous hotel we stayed in. 

Honestly I can't recommend the Hotel à L'Oriel  enough. It was the perfect retreat and a well-earned escape from the relentless pounding of Istanbul.


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