Wednesday, 11 December 2013

We be Winners

So last weekend I went to another quiz run by Cihangir..Cool for Cats to raise money for the street animals of Istanbul. This time I was joined by a few teaching pals so we made out own team called The Pirates ( after my little şanslı). The quiz was tough but we be the winners...woohoo...although of course the real winners are da animals :-)
The Pirates - aka - Another Canadian Sandwich
There were actually a few laydees in our team too but they left before the award ceremony.   Now we have very nice for cats..key rings and the animals have more food in their bellies.

Which is most fortunate because it is snowing quite heavily in Istanbul right now. 

At least The Pirate knows how to stay warm!

As does Three-Paw who has moved into my cupboard!

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