Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Motorcycle diaries

So the other day I found Three-Paw eyeing up a motorbike on the street. 

Obviously I reminded him ( sensitively) of his one-armed status....but alas to no avail! 

What's a girl gonna do? Destroy a bad cat's dream! 

So I told Three-Paw that I would get my leathers and we would tear up the town on one condition. He had to find a slightly less beasty bike since I had no idea how to drive one of those things and he only had one paw. 

Well, I had to reward him for his tenacity, didn't I ? ... so off we went, carving up the streets of Istanbul, until I got stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet. (I had given it to Three-Paw since he has a proven  record of losing extraneous body parts.) 

Never mind it was fun while it lasted! 
And the next morning I saw Three-Paw looking pretty pleased with himself too.

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