Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Red in the streets

In Switzerland there is a law that an animal such as a sheep/ horse etc must have another of its kind in view at all times. I have decided that it must be law in Turkey that every human being must be able to see a Turkish flag ( or preferably multiple Turkish flags) at all times and if this is not possible they must be able to see Ataturk instead. I quite like flag/ Ataturk counting if I am honest because it satisfies my OCD desire to count from time to time.
I suspect that tonight the streets will be even more red than usual ( with flags I hope not blood) as Galatasaray are playing Real Madrid in the Champion's League. So monumental is this event my Wednesday class wrote to the school to have their class cancelled. When they asked me if I would be sad that they cancelled I said of course I would miss them but I understood it was for the greater good. ( Heh it also means i get the night off.) Today I wish I did have a real  friend though to watch the match with.  That would have been nice. 

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miss_belle said...

We are watching Bayern/Juventus and even though I know the result there is something about the Champions League. As well as hearing commentators from back in the day! I wish I was there to cheer on Galatasaray with you. A most worthy class cancellation!