Monday, 30 May 2011


Today one of my teaching colleagues told me my hair was looking a bit 'ratsy'. I didn't actually have a problem with this. It is quite long and the ends are a bit dry and straggly. Besides trying to feel good on the inside is more of a priority for me right now -  the outside can wait! Anyway then another colleague said in a much more serious tone.
'No. Really. You need a haircut!'
For some reason the way she said it sounded more like judgment than a bit of friendly advice.  It bothered me thoughout the class and I began thinking maybe I actually need to see a hairdresser again. Not to appease her. I still feel she was judgmental.  But  for the sake of my hair.
 The truth is I haven't seen a hairdresser for a number of years now. I happily trim my own hair whenever the whim takes me. It's cheap, it's easy, I know about my cowlick. Besides hairdressers are scary. They have scissors you know! And they often have very long finger nails which they dig into your scalp. They also extract personal information from you. They bouffant your hair . They can make you look like Rod Steward in a few swift seconds. And above all I truly do believe that it is their sworn mission to make you as ugly as  possible - kind of like  a Hippocratic oath for hairdressers.

So after all that I have decided to cut my own hair like I always do. I hope my colleague approves. Actually, I don't care.

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