Saturday, 21 May 2011

a bit of light reading

Right now I am reading:
'Damascus Nights' by Rafik Schami.
'The Patience Stone' by Atiq Rahim.
'The Devil Gets the Better of Love,' by Hande Altayli.
'The Painted Veil,' by W. Somerset Maugham
Of course I am not reading them at exactly the same time (even multi-tasking has its limits!) but I am moving between these stories depending on my mood.  I  am actually reading 'The Painted Veil' by way of  a Kindle. A birthday gift from D who gently and sweetly nudges me into the 21st century at any chance he gets. So far  despite initial resistance ( I am Taurean after all and afraid of anything that requires an on button) I am finding the Kindle quite easy to use and very practical to carry in my handbag which tends to be generally quite cluttered and limited in space. No dog-earing either! 
I will let you know how I feel by the end of the book although given this is such a tragically doomed tale perhaps I should try out a few more e-books first. I'm not sure how well the screen handles tears ( but then books certainly don't - this much I know.)

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