Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Yoga schmoga

Today I absolutely sucked at yoga. I doubt you are supposed to use words like 'suck' when talking about yoga but I am sure special dispensation would be granted to me for today. I was terrible. I had no energy, I kept grabbing the wrong foot, all I could think about was the nap at the end. I actually felt the need to apologise to Izabella (the teacher) at the end for my suckiness. Fortunately she has a yogic spirit and gave me such a beautiful smile I felt instantly forgiven for massacaring her art. I then went to visit the Russian cats who looked sort of (in a very Russian way) pleased to see me. Now I am making spag bog (apparently Shazza does not 'do' Tuesdays!)

1 comment:

Mon said...

I spend EVERY yoga session waiting for the meditation at the end. It is the reason for yoga.