Saturday, 13 June 2009

Primavera in anticipo

Today is the weekend which I suppose, if one really thinks about it, means that it is the weekend everywhere else too ( Ah yes -it's that kind of impressive acumen that got me through my law degree!)

Unfortunately I need to go shopping because I have to get some new sandals . The thing I hate the most about shopping in Basel is when I line up behind fourteen year olds at the counter and they each pull out a 100 frank note to pay. Where do they get that kind of money from? I have to try not to look like the jealous kid who gets sandwiches for lunch instead of the latest crispbread ensemble. It's a challenge. Still the fact that I need sandals means summer is in the air which is very pleasing given the long, brutal winter we just had :-)

Makes me want to play my current favourite song - Primavera in anticipo by Laura Pausini (feat JB)

have a day J

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