Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Yesterday I made a friend on Tram 16 while on my way to work. Surely that's a skill I can add to my cv.
She was a very old, weathered-looking woman who was sitting on the seat in front of me to the left. She seemed very quiet until a ticket inspector came through the tram to make sure no one was guilty of a schwartzfahrt (ticketless ride). I think she had a ticket. I'm not really sure. She started showering the ticket inspector, confetti-like, with any scrap of paper she could find in her purse. Quite pretty really. The Insepctor seemed amused though and secretly I was feeling very joyous because it reminded me of the old tube-freaker days back in London town.
Anyway the Inspector got off at the next stop and she started shouting in slurred Swiss German stuff I couldn't understand but was definitley of the good-natured, albeit, raucous type. She then turned around to the face the carriage which was the cue for everyone bar me ( the deer in the headlights) to start browsing their papers. So she caught my eye and said ' Schones tag.' I said 'Schones tag' back. I mean why not. It so rare that people say hello to you here. I'll take a hello where I can.
Anyway then she got up because the tram was coming to her stop and she wrapped her arms around my head and pressed her cheek to my cheek and started to stroke my face. She did it about three times while shouting things which I couldn't understand but I did hear the word 'honesty'. At this point I feel I should add that she had breath like a whiskey brewery and it was just after twelve o'clock. She then got off the tram and as I was waiting for the tram to leave I heard banging on my window. Now she was out on the pavement tapping my window while blowing kisses with the other hand. The rest of the tram was laughing (although secretly I think they were all jealous.)

I smelt a little boozy for the rest of the day which was quite pleasing actually.

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miss_belle said...

Reminds me of: "Dog! Back in your kennel!" on the illustrious Central Line!