Monday, 8 June 2009

Goodbye number 3

So my bike got stolen in Basel on the weekend. :-( Outside my apartment. With its lock on! This is the third bike I have had stolen in the last four years. Two of them were in Italy (R.I.P Crazy Cat and Elisabetta) but I am finding this theft more of a shock. In Italy I kind of expected it (and both times I either didn't lock my bike or didn't lock it properly) but here it was locked and I'm always telling people how safe Switzerland is. I suppose the only ray of light to come out of it was that I got to go to the Polizei and make a report to a very handsome policeman called Grosso. (Grosso by name, I would like to add, certainly not by face.) He even let me practise my dodgy version of German which probably sounded a bit like this -' bike-away-sad-locked-help-big seat' and wrote up a very nice report which I can keep as a remembrance card for said bike.

aufwiedersehen bici

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