Saturday, 4 July 2015

One glance

Even the police water cannons cannot  quench my love of da Bul
So clearly Day 7 of Da Fest da Boss had to be a day of rest since even a goddess on  a budget needs her downtime. I didn't manage to make it to Beykoz, Sile or Kylios but I plan to do these in the coming weeks.
I discovered something very wonderful out of this week though and that is I truly do love Istanbul. I love her until my heart hurts and part of me asks myself why (again) are you going to leave something that you love.  Why can't you feel comfortable enough in your own skin just to enjoy that feeling of joy without running from it. Of course, this is a very simplified analysis. My reasons for leaving are steeped in practicalities not emotions and those practicalities have not change all that much - although I do query whether there is anywhere affordable in Europe for me to live on a teaching wage.

I think of the French poet's words - Alphonse de Lamartine


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