Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 6: Back to Adalar

So now that I have officially re-mermaided myself, I decided I should return to Adalar for a swim. A different island though. My favorite one - Burgazada. It's small with a picturesque port and a rambling, wild, far side awash with flowers and butterflies. It has churches, mosques, beaches, dogs, cats and gin and tonics - what more could Da Fest da Boss possibly require.
I began my day by walking though Macka Park down towards the Kabatas ferry terminal. Some folk have been known to refer to it as Stabby Park but all I saw was happy cats sunning themselves on benches and enjoying the feeding stations where food is given to animals when people push recycled rubbish into the top receptacle. Genius!

I love the ferry trip out to the islands. On the one side you can see the city fading into the background ( and all the stress that goes with it) and on the other side are these wonderful humps of land - like green whales, beckoning us to come play.

View of Burgazada as the boat pulls in
View of Istanbul - far enough away that you can feel your breath deepen.

Once I arrived on the island I did what I usually did.  Acquire a companionable street dog and wander round to the back of the island along the coastal path.

A few hippy Turks have set up a little cafe at the back now where you can buy beer and a toasted sandwich. I bought my dog a sandwich and we sat on the beach and regarded the view like two old souls who have finally cracked the meaning of life.  I love this beach. It isn't the nicest to swim at. Very weedy but relaxed, private and above all safe from pounding rocks. 

They have even built a dog castle! I love the bones over the entrance!

After a swim and laze, I left the dog snoozing under an umbrella to prevent any howling at the port later on. ( Not the dog -  me!) 

I passed some time sobbing in the bushes (street animals break my heart even though this lovely dog was quite old and she seemed happy and plumpish around the haunches) and chasing butterflies.

I finished the adventure with a raki at my favorite restaurant nestled between trees at the back of the island. 

What a view!!!

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