Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lucky girl

Last week I nearly killed myself off some rocks on the Princes' Islands. I can't actually think about what happened or at least if I do I quickly feel nauseated and have to think of something else - like all the plot holes in the first three StarWars films or how I love the fact that Turks still eat breakfast at 4 in the afternoon. Of course I am reminded each day of what nearly happened as I am carrying angry, extensive bruises on my legs, hip and torso. I also have test results from the hospital that ruled out a smashed pelvis or compromised internal organs. I am a lucky girl. I don't feel lucky when it hurts to sit up or turn or even walk but I know I am lucky. Not just for surviving this but for my life in general. I wish the people confronting war or disease in the world right now were as lucky as me. The world just seems so terribly sad.

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