Friday, 29 June 2012

Wednesday Monsters

I am on holidays now....or perhaps I should say unemployed...nooo holidays sounds better!
I have to say though that my last week at school was one of the most  enriching of my life. Totally affirming, full of love and quite overwhelming in the end. In fact by the close of the experience I  found myself wracked with guilt ( typical Joanna J.) Did I really deserve this amount of love. Had I  really made such an impression on so many people? Were all those beautiful kind words said to me and about me really true? I will never forget this week as long as I live and nor the monsters that made it so.

Here are my Wednesday at 4pm monsters. I adore them.I have nothing but love for these guys. Every single person had something special to bring to the group and I feel humbled and yet proud of the wonderful community we managed to create. I was also grateful for our communal understanding of the importance of prosecco in the classroom. I will miss them feverishly.

   Then there were my 6pm monsters who surprised an already somewhat prosecco-sloshed Joanna J with a party of their own. We always had such a great time together in class - talking and agonising over the horrible future perfect. I mean come on as if there is such thing as the perfect future anyway. Grammar lies people - it lies. I would be quite happy with the future ok.
 I remember when I first took on this class. Nervous, uncertain, they seemed to ask a lot of questions but I remember one of my students saying at the time ' but can't you see how they love you?'  I couldn't. I really couldn't. But perhaps now finally I can.

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