Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy snap

I thought I would add a happy snap taken of me and my sister when she was over in the summer. Nothing like two sunshine smiles to brighten a glum day.
I have been krank this week with a festery nose/ throat/ chest combination. I continue to praise the person who decided to add balm to kleenex tissues. Can you imagine a time before that? Inconceivable!
Fortunately I am a proud owner of a snuggie (aka slanket - ) so I have been slanketing around my apartment feeling quite smug. Smug and sick :-)
Of course then you can imagine my dismay when I read the September issue of Glamour whereupon it dared to suggest that wearing a slanket was one of the top 14 things never to do. Thankfully I read on and discovered it actually meant never to do in public- Phew! Clearly personal slanket orgies in the confines of one's own home are still ok. Not that this would stop me wearing my slanket outside if needs required. I mean I am sure the same people who poo poo the slanket also poo poo
* wearing days-of-the-week socks with sandals
* wearing blouses inside out for the whole day with the label on clear display
* wearing hats that invite the question ' are you a Gypsy by any chance?'
all of which I have done with aplomb in the past two weeks alone.

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Becca said...

Hello stranger :)

This is a lovely photo.
Wish I could see one of you in your slanket!