Friday, 10 September 2010

two months later

Smell the spices while you can!

I have been instructed by someone very important to me that I must start to write again. It's like I dropped my pen down an empty well last spring and all the summer rain has finally brought it back up to the surface. It's up to me now to take it in my hand once again.
It's hard to start though. A bit like yoga when you are out of practice. Suddenly the words seem very far away a bit like your toes when they are stretched out in front.
But just like my toes, I know they still exist. I just have to be quiet enough to hear them once again.
I'm not really going to write a big blurb about my last two months though. I had my sister for four weeks and my parents ( a big surprise!) for three. We had a lovely time but I feel this is something that can remain just between us. Instead I am going to cheat a little and borrow the poem of another to start my week.

Drumsound rises in the air,
its throb, my heart.
A voice inside the beat says

"I know you are tired,

but come. This is the way."


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Anonymous said...

A lifetime later. To read your words again lightens me. We get our inspiration from many sources in our life and to share the words that find us and touch us in the dark places we visit is great. I hope I know the important someone you refer to - though I am not sure.

Does the crocodile have balls ?