Friday, 8 May 2009

The Bad Egg

Ok so I didn't quite manage to keep up the blogging but I did have a fairly solid excuse - living la dolce vita in Firenze. Io ho fatto un tempo bellissimo. Io ho mangiato tutti, ho parlato con la mia amica, sono andata in citta con la mia bici 'Speranza', ho vistato La Mostra dell'artignano e ho comprato ciccolato, olio, formaggio, salsa di pomodori e crema. :-)

I have now added a new story 'The Bad Egg'to the writing section of my website in an attempt to look up-to-date and savvy with the ways of the web. Don't ask me how long it took to format it correctly as it may possibly take hours and be the most boring story you have ever heard in your whole life. Apart from that other one about how important taxes are!

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