Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Still committed-ish

So for the second day running I have written in my blog - surely I deserve a biscuit for such diligence.
I have just come from a rather wearying teacher training session on how to incorporate games into the classroom. As the whole class was taken in German I feel that perhaps my learning potential was ein bischen curtailed. Oh well - half a brownie point for persevering!

Tomorrow I go to Florence - my hometown, my great love, the birthplace of my book (to be.) I can't wait until I am sitting on the train passing through the majestic mountains between Switzerland and Italy watching as my carriage slowly transforms from deathly silence into a cacophony of Italian enthusiasm - che peccato!! non mi credo!! che bello! Mamma Mia!!!!!!

Once I am "back home" I plan to roam the streets with Speranza ( my bike), eat piccole tortine, visit San Ambrogio Mercato, drink coffee in my favourite bar, light a candle in my favourite church, stroll along the Arno, smell the sweet scent of drain and two-stroke, gobble gelato, buy handmade Florentine paper and sit in Santa Croce. In short I shall remember the best days of my life.


Unknown said...

Mmmm delicious, can I join you (D the P)

Joanna said...

Yes please :-)