Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Operation Day

Last night I got home from work late and Pirate met me to the door.  She took me straight in to see Three Paw (who she even head-nuzzled for the first time ever. Things must be grave.) The tumor looked horrific. Rupturing like lava out of her leg. It was clear to me that everyone in the room was completely fed up with it and the time to vote it off the island had come.

In the morning we left early for Florence. I could smell her tumor from outside the cage but I could also hear her purr above the train engine.

When I got to the clinic, I kept the goodbyes short. I had already said everything that I needed to say to her. I just reminded her that she was free to do and go wherever and whenever she wanted. That her family back in Istanbul loved her very much and that we all wanted the best for her, for the suffering to cease.

I spent the day in a kind of exhausted stupor and then in the evening I returned to see her. She was less than an hour out of the operating theater. Her eyes were dark circles ( from the morphine I suspect:) I don't think she even knew what had just happened to her. I opened the door and she immediately nuzzled her head into my hand and I knew she would be OK.

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