Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Happy Adoption Day

This day three years ago I finally caught a little black kitten that I had seen cowering behind a tombstone by Cihangir Mosque. She had an appalling eye infection so big it looked like a peeled grape was hanging out of her socket. I remember reaching out and grabbing her and thinking if I can take her to a vet they will know what to do. The vet, a friendly fellow with black, cascading curls,  had confirmed she would lose the eye. 'Don't worry,' he had said.'She'll be fine back on the streets, just give it a week or two.' And I remember looking down at her, smaller than my hand ( which by the way is even smaller than Donald Trump's) and I knew I could never put her back on the streets.
Happy Adoption Day my Pirate you funny, little thing.

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