Tuesday, 3 March 2009

And the music goes on

Well it is the second morning of Fasnacht now and the drums are in house-shaking form this morning. Yesterday I went with my friend to the street parade and we were showered with wattle, roses, sweets, oranges and cans of drink ( which fall less pleasantly on the head than a bunch of flowers I can tell you.) We then went to some of the cellars which the Cliques open up during Fasnacht and drank wine under beautifully painted lanterns. My neighbour also invited us in for some floursoup and cheese tarts so by the time we went to bed we were very round and fuelled by an awful lot of cheese.

Today is children's day so there will lots of cute looking hobbits dressed up like ladybirds, tigers and other wild animals terrorising the adults with confetti.

My short story ' Courtship, Cutlets and a Barrow Full of Dung' has come out in the March edition of Semaphore Magazine which can be found here http://www.semaphoremagazine.com/current.html :-) Have a read and don't forget to vote ( if you like it of course :-)
J xo

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miss_belle said...

Tried to leave a comment a few days ago, but technology was against me.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Ah, if only I had been dung'd once in my life ...