Tuesday, 24 February 2009

butterfly dreams

Last night I dreamt that my bedroom suddenly started filling with masses of fluttering butterflies. They were bigger than usual and their bodies were warm and furry. They looked like little pets with rainbow wings. Later in the dream I released them into the garden and watched as they perched themselves on the treetops and the sloping ptich of the roof. It was a very nice dream apart from a sinister python who suddenly appeared in one of the trees and had very obvious designs on my cat, Ambrose, who kept escaping from inside the house no matter how many times I tried to lock him in. I actually woke up feeling quite exhausted.

Right now I am fighting a cold which I think I have been fighting for a few weeks now. It's funny but I feel absolutely dreadful but once I am 'on the stage' - as in teaching my adult monsters the finer tips of the English language - I feel suddenly better until the lessons end. Then I am aching again and my throat itches wildly.

Website is finished for now. Still in denial about the whole thing but at least it enables my beloved wise woman friend to indulge her penchant for cyper-stalking. Huzzah.

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